The Proposition

I’m replaying the previous day like a movie reel on crack precariously balanced on the edge of the bed halfway between sober and two sheets in the wind. Replaying previous conversations and one eye checking on the tater tot to see if he’s Started to wake. I’ve become good at this multi tasking thing in case you haven’t noticed, but that’s besides the point. Definitely still nursing a headache from last nights event. The energy of the room still worn like your favorite jersey jacket. Cats, the club I play at every Friday was packed last night, it’s pretty much been a full house every Friday since the band had their debut several months ago, actually now that I think about it it was about the same time those women with the defining auras showed up. Always dressed in business suits ordering a dirty martini for the tall ogreish strawberry blond and a whisky neat for the long hair Carmel skinned beauty. Always gone before I had a chance to make it through the throngs of the crowd to gather further information so I’d never gotten names, but both had successfully managed to catch my eye and also had never missed a set. Beauty and The Beast I’d named them affectionately. It seemed the crowd never tired of the band’s rollercoaster of a repertoire playing low key crowd favorites like D’angelos Brown Sugar and personal snapshots of emotions that were my originals, nevertheless they’d keep coming back for more. I can picture the stage vividly in my mind having an out of body experience while I watched my self shredding on drums hands flying faster over the cymbals of my hybrid acoustic kit than what seemed human possibly. We took a short break halfway through and switch up the vibe giving folks time to stretch their legs and take a quick smoke break so they wouldn’t miss too much. When Shari the bands vocalist originally posed the idea, we had not immediately agreed thinking the the vibes would not recover from downtime between the sets but boy had we been wrong. It seems are sets are so enrapturing that folks are timid to even break for the restroom between songs making the break between sets monumental. In fact it was on one of these breaks I’d first noticed the Beauty and The Beast; casually leaning against one of the bars high top tables sipping their drinks eyeing the crowd with the concentration of assassins taking everything in. Calculated. Disciplined. Still high on the power of the first set I ordered my drink and hit the restrooms before the second set grabbing my drink on the way back to the stage. Arranging myself behind the lead mic while our versatile singer hoped on percussion I took in the audience’s mood and low rumbling chatter, all which came to attention once the lights dimmed and the soft caress of the synth arpeggios floated out above the crowd. A soft driving beat from the cajon quickly melded with the synth to create the trancelike backdrop for my newest song Sultress. I open my mouth and let the vibrations take me away harmonizing with the guitar, emphasis in sync with the melodic bass lines. I opened my eyes to gauge the response of the room hoping that the message was being well received. What I gathered was overwhelming the sway of the crowd automatic; the view like that of waves cresting over the shore. Eyes did not stare back at me rather souls searching, yearning to be fed; our music the nourishment. The melodies an assortment of well seasoned veggies complimented by the protein that was the lyrics. Leaving you fully sated. We ended the set with a familiar tune the audience singing and humming along, nodding to the upbeat rhythm. I glanced out over the heads of seated patrons the two suits had left but their energy still hovers over the area they just occupied impenetrable, no one takes the chairs they stood near instead giving them a wide berth as they navigate the intimate club. I packed up, chatted quickly with the band about a rehearsal schedule and headed out. I remember as I left Something was tugging at the fringes of my memory a thought forgotten and unretrievable. Burning a hole in my brain. I shook it off and made my way to the car knowing we had a long week a head of us next weeks show was gonna be a big one. Rumor was scouts were coming to sign a deal. I woke with a jolt not realizing I had even dozed off again. I checked the alarm on the bedside clock 3:15 there was light blasting through the curtains so it had to be daytime. Strangely enough I’d slept most of the day away, something that would normally never happen. Stretching I got up and padded to the bathroom that branched off the master bedroom and splash some water on my face trying to reorient myself. As I looked in the mirror the image that stared back at me caught my attention. I looked younger, there was a light in my eyes the which I hadn’t seen in years. I guess music was a good a medicine as any, and seeing as most of my days were consumed with either writing, editing , or listening to it that must be what the strange glow was. Either that or something weird was doing and I wasn’t about to let my mind trip off the possibilities, cause God only knows where that rollercoaster would end.

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